I am known as

The Brummie Badgeman.

My wife and I are proud to be associated with a city that had a history of having 1001 trades and once being the workshop of the world as it found itself at the heart of the Industrial Revolution. During the nineteenth and twentieth century Birmingham was important for badge making with the skills of its craftsmen serving the wider world over the generations. Such companies as Thomas Fattorini, JR Gaunt, W. Reeves & Co, W.O.Lewis and R.E.V. Gomm Ltd became world renowned. The world of enamel badges offers a modestly priced and a specialized collecting hobby for anyone interested in social history, Sport, music, transport, entertainment and historical achievements & events. We are passionate about badge collecting and our mission is to source or even design the most unique, high quality and collectible enamel badge. Through this website we aim to sell it at a most reasonable price to new and loyal customers and collectors alike. The enamel badges we have to offer connects the past with ordinary people’s lives. Celebrating where we come from, what football team we support and what different types of music influenced us. There may be a badge that may represents a souvenir of a sporting achievement to remind someone that that they were there! Our Key fob range may represent many milestones in certain peoples lives, remembering a family members pride and joy, their first car or even their dream car they could not afford. With this Island once being the car manufacturing hub of the world, they may have worked long hours on the track creating British icons such as Austin, Jaguar, Triumph, Morgan, Rolls Royce. In our whole pile more section, We offer yet more nostalgic momentoes, souvenirs and works of art. These come in the form of Metal signs, Fridge magnets, canvas prints, wall clocks, embroidered patches and key rings that aim to suit different kinds of personal taste and budget. You are welcome to take a look of what we have to offer and what may interest you.